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A Better Way to Stay Campaign - Getting More People Staying at B&Bs and Inns

A Better Way to Stay
A Grassroots Campaign for the B&B Industry

September-October Updates
The Better Way to Stay campaign is poised to launch with a website dedicated to showing the industry all the components of the campaign. This temporary site will soon be taken down and will become a resource room for innkeepers to learn about the campaign, its supporters and its tools. Look forward to learning about the launch of this site any day now.

We’d like to thank all of these supporters for their help in underwriting the planning portion of the campaign. Hat’s off to those who we call our Blind Faith Club for their donations to help launch the campaign.
  • Empire State B&B Association
  • New Mexico B&B Association
  • British Columbia B&B Innkeepers Guild
  • Bed and Breakfast Inns of Missouri
  • Indiana B&B Innkeepers Association
  • Illinois B&B Association
  • Pennsylvania Tourism & Lodging Association
  • Bed and Breakfast Association of Arkansas
  • Bed and Breakfast Association of Virginia
  • Carol Davis, Blisswood B&B, Cat Springs, TX
  • Ray and Kristie Rosset, Lookout Point Inn, Hot Springs, AR
  • Dee Fegan, Pheasant Field B&B, Carlisle, PA
  • Dallas & Nancy Renner, Chocolate Turtle B&B, Corrales, NM
  • Sarak Dolk, Adobe Nido, Albuquerque, NM
  • Elaine Sommer, Summit Inn B&B, Center City, MN
  • Colleen Rinaldi, Sabal Palm House, Lake Worth, FL
  • Doug Breitling, Arsenic and Old Lace, Eureka Springs, AR
  • Judith Lynn Biery, Sebring Mansion Inn & Spa, Sebring, OH
  • Dieter Gerhard, Birds of a Feather Victoria Oceanfront B&B, Web Design & Social Media Marketing, Victoria, BC
  • Brian and Leslie Mulcahy, Rabbit Hill Inn, Lower Waterford, VT
  • ...and a special thank you to the PAII Advisory Council members for their generous donations of money and ideas.

July Updates:

  • Marti Mayne of Maynely Marketing and Brand Pandemic are brought on to manage and begin branding "Better Way to Stay"
  • Planning and initial scope of campaign planning underway
  • Campaign donors to date:
  • Empire State B&B Association
  • New Mexico B&B Association
  • British Columbia B&B Innkeepers Guild
  • Illinois Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers Association
  • Bed and Breakfast Inns of Missouri
  • Indiana Bed and Breakfast Association
  • Pennsylvania Tourism & Lodging Association
  • A number of individual innkeepers
WHAT: Better Way to Stay is the B&B industry's only industry-wide, industry-supported grassroots campaign to promote the B&B experience, educate travelers on B&B choices and ultimately to convert hotel-stayers to inngoers. Better Way to Stay is a multi-faceted, multi-media grassroots campaign to educate travelers on the unique offerings of bed and breakfasts and brand the B&B experience. The goal of the campaign is to drive awareness and ultimately revenues to B&Bs and the associations and businesses that support the industry. The campaign will take a multi-faceted approach to attracting new B&B goers, especially among the Gen-X and Gen-Y travelers. By introducing younger travelers to the B&B experience, the expectation is they will become "B&B lifers” and repeat guests for a lifetime.

The campaign will have two important facets:
  1. a website showcasing and highlighting why B&Bs/inns are a preferable choice for travelers. The site will aim to direct travelers to existing B&B directories, including allied association, B&B consortia and possibly individual inns. It will serve as a portal to directories and associations, along with other businesses associated with the B&B industry and the campaign sponsors. The site will contain a press room offering a compilation of press releases from associations, directories and more. It will also offer a blog which will highlight photos and news from associations, B&B consortia, directories and individual inns, and a "Resource Room” highlighting B&B trends and studies for media, aspiring innkeepers and researchers. The site will be entirely focused on promoting today’s B&B experience, debunking old myths and educating travelers on the added value and affordability of B&B travel.
  2. Viral Campaign: Today’s websites can no longer stand alone awaiting discovery. Better Way to Stay will utilize a series of webisodes and video clips, social networking, contests, traditional media and a public relations campaign to reach the traveling public and direct them to to learn more about B&B travel. The power of word-of-mouth referrals and branding will help to create buzz about B&Bs directed particularly at hotel-goers.
Better Way to Stay Mission: Better Way to Stay is the name given to the grassroots branding campaign organized by the Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII). The mission of the campaign is to maintain and expand B&B travel and boost reservations by educating travelers about today’s B&B experience while raising awareness for the B&B option among travelers. By creating "buzz” about the B&B experience via Internet marketing, viral marketing, video, social and traditional media campaigns and through PAII members, the campaign will increase awareness of the B&B experience when lodging options are considered.

The purpose of the campaign: To promote the B&B option among travelers, to convince those who’ve never tried a B&B to choose the option for their next trip and to convert non-B&B travelers or infrequent B&B guests into regular inngoers.

The message of the campaign: To educate travelers that B&Bs are a comfortable, affordable and often luxurious option while promoting PAII members and the associations, directories and businesses that support innkeepers. The message will seek to describe the variety and individual nature of all B&Bs, from the smallest to the largest, from the country to the city and everything in between.

The strategy of the campaign: To create a viral marketing campaign taking full advantage of social networking, video, public relations, traditional media and internet marketing to create buzz and credibility among travelers about the B&B experience through word-of-mouth endorsements from trusted sources including friends, family and business associates. The result of this campaign is to convert an ever-increasing number of regular hotel and motel travelers to consider and stay at a Bed & Breakfast property.

WHY: The main reason travelers DON’T choose B&Bs is because the B&B option doesn’t cross their minds, according to a study by PAII and TripAdvisor in 2009. Additionally, the B&B experience is still plagued by myths and inaccurate perceptions. Better Way to Stay will provide a neutral campaign supported by the entire B&B industry which will share positive stories, brand the B&B experience, serve as a clearinghouse for media and researchers, and ultimately drive more reservations.

The campaign will utilize both traditional and new forms of media to educate travelers on the value of choosing a B&B. Within the umbrella campaign, various mini-campaigns will bring attention to B&Bs.

Traditional Media
The "home base” of the campaign will be the web site, On this site, the traveler will learn about B&Bs and their unique offerings. We also envision this site to serve as a clearinghouse for the media, researchers and consumers. We will mobilize the site to create a press room offering press releases from associations, directories and individual inns, thus offering a compilation of B&B stories from throughout North America and beyond. This will serve as an important tool in reaching the media. We will compile information on travel trends and B&B trends too, again offering a go-to place for aspiring innkeepers, researchers, media and the general public.

We also anticipate creating pages like "Myth Busters,” links to positive B&B stories in the media, niche marketing showcases, guest testimonials and much more. A core part of the site will be a map, which will allow the traveler to explore B&B options. The map will link to existing B&B directory sites, such as state and provincial association web sites and popular B&B directories, thereby providing a valuable portal to allied associations and directories. Innkeepers and allied associations will be asked to promote the campaign on their own web sites, providing links back to the campaign web site and educating those interested in staying at B&Bs for the first time.

New Media
An important part of the campaign will be to actively spread the word about B&Bs through a variety of new media channels. These channels will include social networking sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, YouTube, etc), as well as distributing viral video clips through various consumer media channels. We will encourage both innkeepers and happy B&B customers to spread the word about B&Bs through viral media and offer the tools to do so. The campaign will engage viral media professionals to quickly and effectively spread the B&B word.

WHEN: Now! The industry has consistently expressed it is anxious to launch this campaign. In order to launch and administer an ongoing, permanent campaign like this, the campaign will be carefully and thoughtfully developed in phases.

Phase 1: June, 2010 – September, 2010
The "germination” phase primarily involves fundraising to launch core elements of the campaign. These components include art development (brand/logo, colors, etc), web site development/hosting and early viral media creation. The initial phase of Better Way to Stay will be geared toward educating all those within the B&B industry about the campaign’s objectives and scale, and rolling out an initial concept to the traveling public. Initial videos will be rolled out too for use on Support from B&B associations, B&B industry vendors, and other consumer-oriented travel sites (i.e. B&B directories, travel sites, etc) will be secured.

Phase 2: October 2010 – April, 2011
Once the industry has been made fully aware of the campaign and is actively supporting and ready to promote the campaign, the full consumer site will be developed and go live. Active new and traditional media generation work will begin. Let the fun begin!

Phase 3: April 2011 on
Anticipating ongoing support and success for Better Way to Stay, PAII plans to continue the campaign indefinitely. Just as "Got Milk” continues its ongoing efforts to showcase celebs with milk moustaches, so will innkeepers keep promoting B&Bs. While Better Way to Stay may never reach the level of funding the National Milk Processing Boardl has achieved, the continued need for branding today’s B&B experience will endure, and with it, the successful elements of this campaign.

WHO: You! PAII and the B&B industry need your support. The sooner the B&B branding campaign occurs, the sooner B&Bs will become top of mind when considering vacation or business-travel accommodations. The campaign will be managed by the Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII). PAII has been the leading trade association for the B&B industry for over 20 years and is well-positioned to administer Better Way to Stay. PAII offers the appropriate "neutral” territory to solidify industry-wide support, and engage the necessary media to take notice of our industry.

NEXT STEPS – FUNDRAISING: Fundraising is critical at this juncture. In order to keep taking steps with developing the campaign, funding is needed. Please consider becoming a donor for the Better Way to Stay campaign. A series of rewards is being been created for the allied associations and B&B consortia who sign on as supporting organizations and companies. Those entities should contact Marti Mayne or Jay Karen right away to learn about the opportunities to get involved.

Individual innkeepers who can start making contributions to support the campaign can start giving now! Can you spare $25? $50? $100? More? Whatever you can give is meaningful.

How can we donate?
To pay by check, make the check out to PAII and please be sure to write "Better Way to Stay” on the check’s memo, so we may escrow it appropriately.

Checks may be sent to:
Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII)
207 White Horse Pike
Haddon Heights, NJ 08035


Credit card payment may also be made securely over the Internet by clicking here or clicking on the red box to the left.

Thank you in advance for your donation and your support of the Better Way to Stay campaign. Together we will achieve visibility in the competitive travel market.

Contact Marti Mayne at 207-846-6331 or or Jay Karen, PAII’s President & CEO, at 856-310-1102 or
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